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Zoom Introduces Editable Notes Feature During Video Calls



Zoom Introduces Editable Notes Feature During Video Calls

Zoom, formerly known primarily as a video conferencing platform, is now evolving into a much more comprehensive service. Recently, they have introduced a new feature called Notes that allows users to take notes and edit them during video calls.

The Notes feature can be accessed through the navigation menu at the bottom, which will then bring up a new sidebar where the chat box is located. These notes can be accessed before, during, and after the meeting.

Zoom Notes offers a range of formatting options, including fonts, styling, bullets, colors, and more. Additionally, users can add images and links. These notes can also be used collaboratively, allowing other users to edit them, similar to Zoom Whiteboard.

This feature is a valuable addition, as users no longer need to switch between applications to take notes, and it can also serve as an agenda or meeting minutes. Zoom Notes can be used at no extra cost.

Competing with Google and Microsoft

Zoom was initially just an application for video conferencing, which gained popularity during the pandemic. However, they have been striving to add more features to their platform to keep up with Google and Microsoft.

As you may know, Google and Microsoft have been enhancing their video conferencing applications since the pandemic, offering better integration with various applications they own. Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 provide email, calendars, notes, video calls, and team chat.

Slowly but surely, Zoom is also adding email, calendar, and now notes services. They are also rumored to be developing a Team Chat for team communication. Which one do you prefer to use, Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams?”

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