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Zomato Unveils AI Chatbot to Enhance Dining Experience

Zomato, the renowned Indian-based platform for food delivery and restaurant exploration, has recently introduced a cutting-edge AI chatbot for the convenience of its customers.

This AI chatbot by Zomato is not your typical artificial intelligence assistant. It’s positioned as a personal culinary companion, designed to elevate the dining experience for users. Much like a trusted friend, this chatbot is here to assist users in discovering the perfect meal, tackling intricate food-related queries, and even suggesting dining establishments that align with dietary preferences or the user’s current mood.

Crafted to mimic a casual SMS conversation, Zomato’s AI chatbot seamlessly taps into a wealth of functions and data within the Zomato ecosystem. This ensures that interactions with the AI are fluid and uninterrupted, creating an experience that feels as natural as chatting with a friend about your culinary choices.





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