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YouTube Playables: YouTube Premium Can Now Play Games



YouTube Playables
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YouTube Premium subscribers now enjoy a new perk: playing games directly on the platform without downloading them. In beta testing, the Playables feature will soon roll out to all subscribers.

Discovering Playables: A New Gaming Experience

Playables introduces arcade-style games like Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, and Daily Solitaire. Find them on a dedicated ‘Playables’ shelf on the YouTube Home page and under the ‘Explore’ menu.

Benefits of Playables: A Game-Changer for Subscribers

  1. No Downloads Required: Play directly on YouTube, eliminating the need for downloads and saving device storage.
  2. Easy Sharing: Share games effortlessly with others by sending a link, fostering connection and enjoyment with friends and family.
  3. Cross-Device Progress: Your game progress is saved across devices, allowing seamless transitions between devices.

The Future of Playables: Exciting Developments Ahead

Playables enhances the YouTube Premium experience, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to play games on the platform. Beyond the current benefits, it offers an engaging strategy for YouTube to connect with users.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for YouTube Premium

As Playables continues to evolve, it brings a promising future for YouTube Premium. The addition of new games, potentially including puzzles and racing games, could further enhance the gaming experience.

With Playables, YouTube Premium becomes an even more compelling subscription, offering ad-free videos, background play, offline viewing, and now, a gaming experience tailored for subscribers.

Take a Game Break: Explore Playables Today

YouTube Premium subscribers, explore Playables and discover a new dimension of entertainment. This exciting addition aligns with YouTube’s commitment to offering diverse and engaging content.