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YouTube Music Now Compatible with Apple HomePod



YouTube Music Now Compatible with Apple HomePod

After a tantalizing preview at WWDC this June, Google has officially introduced support for YouTube Music on Apple’s HomePod.

This integration allows you to initiate YouTube Music on your HomePod using voice commands such as “Hey Siri, play music.” It provides a convenient alternative to manually launching the app on your smartphone and then employing AirPlay. Similar to Google Assistant speakers, users need to be subscribed to either YouTube Premium or Music Premium to access this feature.

To get started, make sure you’ve updated YouTube Music to the latest version available in the App Store. Then, navigate to your profile image in the top-right corner, go to Settings, select Connected Apps, and opt to Connect with HomePod. This will require you to sign in with your Google Account.

By designating YouTube Music as your default service in the iOS Home app, you can skip adding “on YouTube Music” to your Siri commands every time. To do this, follow these steps: “Settings > Tap your username > Tap Default Service and select YouTube Music.”

The addition of YouTube Music to the HomePod now joins other compatible platforms like Deezer, Pandora, and Tidal.

Back in June, we reported that Google had plans for more apps and third-party integrations for YouTube Music. At that time, they had hinted at developments for Apple TV and Garmin smartwatch clients.