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Xiaomi’s Breakthrough: Mass Production of the Redmi 300W Charger



Xiaomi's Breakthrough: Mass Production of the Redmi 300W Charger

Digital Chat Station, a renowned Weibo leaker, has once again unveiled Xiaomi’s latest technological marvel. Recent reports have suggested that Xiaomi has been quietly developing the Redmi 300W charger, and now the buzz is that this groundbreaking charger is entering mass production.

Details regarding the official release date of this remarkable 300W charger remain tightly under wraps. However, Xiaomi has already provided a sneak peek of its capabilities through tests conducted using a modified version of the Redmi Note 12 Pro+.

redmi 300W

During these tests, the modified Redmi Note 12 Pro+ delivered awe-inspiring results. It managed to charge its 4100mAh battery to around 50% in a mere two minutes, achieving a full charge in just five minutes, thanks to the lightning-fast 300W charging technology.

It’s important to note that in these trials, the technology came impressively close to the promised 300W power level, reaching a peak output of approximately 290W. These trials are compelling evidence that this cutting-edge technology is on the brink of making its way into the hands of consumers.

However, the remarkable power of this charger naturally raises concerns about safety during the charging process. Xiaomi has been proactive in addressing these concerns, assuring that the 300W charging technology has undergone meticulous design, with new materials incorporated into the charger, smartphone charging architecture, and battery.

The charger itself features a fourth-generation integrated GaN (gallium nitride) solution, maintaining a form factor similar to Xiaomi’s previous 210W charger while providing a substantial 43% boost in power.

Moreover, the charger incorporates a dedicated power chip with a maximum conversion efficiency of 98%. This efficiently manages heat generation during the charging process, ensuring safe and efficient power transfer.

With its extraordinary 300W charging capability, this technology is poised to extend its utility far beyond smartphones, potentially revolutionizing the charging of devices such as laptops and even electric bicycles.