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Xiaomi 14: Pioneering 90W Charging



Xiaomi 14: Pioneering 90W Charging

Xiaomi is on the brink of launching its highly-anticipated Xiaomi 14 Series in November 2023. While detailed technical specifications are still cloaked in secrecy, a recent discovery on the Chinese Compulsory Certification (CCC) website has illuminated a groundbreaking feature: the Xiaomi 14’s exceptional 90W charging prowess.

The CCC certification website has unveiled a listing for the Xiaomi 14, identified by the model number 23127PN0CC. This revelation strongly implies that this particular variant of the Xiaomi 14 will boast an impressive 90W charging capability. It’s important to note that this Xiaomi 14 model is expected to represent the standard edition within the Xiaomi 14 Series, with the likelihood of multiple variants gracing the lineup.

Delving into the finer details of its charging capabilities, the Xiaomi 14’s charger is poised to offer a versatile output spanning from 5V to 20V, coupled with amperage ranging between 6.2A and 4.5A, ultimately delivering a maximum power output of 90W. While the CCC certification website does mention a charger bearing the code MDY-14-EC, whether Xiaomi will include this charger within the device’s retail packaging remains uncertain.

Xiaomi’s strategy regarding charger inclusions in retail packages has fluctuated, with international consumers typically receiving chargers as part of the package, while Chinese consumers were granted the flexibility to opt for packages with or without chargers.

The leap to 90W charging for the standard Xiaomi 14 marks a significant milestone in charging technology. Previous leaks have also hinted at the possibility of the device being powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, promising an even more robust performance. As the launch date approaches, tech enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a comprehensive unveiling of Xiaomi’s forthcoming addition to the Xiaomi 14 Series

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