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vivo X100 Appears in Live Photo

The eagerly anticipated vivo X100 series is set to make its debut later this month, and while we’ve had numerous design leaks that have given us a glimpse of what to expect on launch day, a real-life sighting of the vivo X100 has been elusive until now. A Weibo user recently shared a live image of what appears to be the back of an X100.

The device is presented in a light blue color, a hue that we’ve already seen in leaked renders. However, the distinctive sparkly, concentric pattern that was implied by the renders isn’t as prominent in this live photo. Nevertheless, the undulating patterns on the back glass seem consistent with the renderings.

The camera setup on the device aligns with our expectations, with one notable exception – a highlighted ring encircling one of the cameras, most likely the primary sensor. It’s worth noting that this ring may also be a result of reflection, as the renders did not display a ring around either camera.

Fortunately, the speculation won’t last much longer, as the X100 family is scheduled to make its official debut on November 13.




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