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Unusual Charging Scenario: iPhone 15 Pro Charges the Powerbank

Apple’s introduction of USB-C connectors in the iPhone 15 series, a departure from the long-standing use of Lightning connectors, has brought about a unique charging experience. While the transition to USB-C has generally been smooth, an unexpected issue has surfaced when attempting to charge these devices with a power bank.

The Puzzling Case of Reverse Charging for iPhone 15 Pro This unusual phenomenon was first reported by a Reddit user who shared their perplexing encounter while trying to recharge their iPhone 15 Pro using an Anker power bank.

To their surprise, the expected flow of power from the power bank to the iPhone was reversed. Instead of the iPhone being charged, the power bank ended up receiving the charge. This unexpected behavior occurred when using a C-to-C cable, suggesting a compatibility issue between the iPhone device and the power bank. During this charging attempt, the iPhone unexpectedly entered reverse charging mode.

Reverse charging is typically employed to recharge a smartphone with a lower battery capacity using a smartphone with a higher capacity, but it is not a common feature when dealing with power banks.

The exact cause of this perplexing situation remains unclear. It could be due to a potential bug in the iPhone device itself or a quirk in the power bank’s functionality. Users facing this anomaly have reached out to Anker’s customer service, where they were advised to charge their iPhones through the USB-A port on the power bank.

This unexpected twist in the charging process adds an element of intrigue to the ever-evolving world of smartphone technology, leaving users and tech enthusiasts curious about the origin of this phenomenon and its potential implications.



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