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Twitch Announces Simulcasting to Competitor Streaming Platforms

Twitch has recently unveiled a new feature that permits its users to simultaneously stream their content on other live video platforms. This significant announcement was made during TwitchCon in Las Vegas, coinciding with the release of fresh simulcasting guidelines. The company’s primary condition for this privilege is that the “Twitch user experience is not compromised” on any other platforms where the content is being simulcast.

In a notable move back in August, Twitch relaxed its rules regarding cross-streaming, allowing channels to share their live content on popular social media applications such as TikTok and Instagram. Twitch’s language in terms of compatibility with new competitor services is quite expansive, indicating that virtually “any service” is welcomed. The only exception is for channels that have signed exclusive agreements with Twitch.

The decision to embrace simulcasting might initially appear to be detrimental to the company’s profitability. After all, a live streaming platform generally seeks to retain its entertainers and their content. So why would Twitch allow its users to disseminate their content on other platforms? This move could potentially be a response to some high-profile streamers defecting to competitors in the field, notably YouTube. While this remains speculative, it is conceivable that offering creators additional revenue streams without constraints could incentivize prominent players to remain with Twitch and make medium-sized streamers content with their earnings.

Twitch has been actively revising its policies in an effort to ensure satisfaction among its user base and investors. The company has recently taken steps to combat off-platform doxxing and has also explored the use of machine learning programs for chat moderation. Additionally, it has introduced new features inspired by other social media platforms, including stories and feeds.




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