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Tips for Choosing a Multifunction Printer for Home Use



Tips for Choosing a Multifunction Printer for Home Use

Want to buy a multifunction printer for home use but unsure which one to get? With the increasing demand for multifunction printers at home, the confusion in choosing the right printer is understandable.

Yes, manufacturers often offer various types of multifunction printers for home use. When looking at what these different types offer, they might seem quite similar at first glance, and the price differences might not be significant either.

This is what can make potential buyers feel lost. Makes sense, right? Well, this time, we’ll try to help reduce or even eliminate that confusion!

A multifunction printer, as the name suggests, is not just for printing; it usually comes with an integrated scanner unit. This means it can be used for scanning or copying documents and photos as well.

This device can be used for printing or scanning documents and letters for those who work from home. It’s also useful for parents with school or college-going children, as it can be used for printing or scanning assignments.

For those running a home-based business, a multifunction printer can also be used to support the business. For instance, it can be used to print shipping labels for those who need them.

It can also be used for digitizing household documents, such as shopping receipts, airway bills for shipped goods, and so on. Alternatively, it can serve more relaxed needs like printing greeting cards, family photos, and much more. But, once again, when the need for a multifunction printer arises, which one should you buy?

A commonly heard suggestion might be, “Just tailor it to your needs.” That’s indeed good advice, as long as we know which aspects need tailoring.

So, to better explain these “tailoring aspects,” it would be easier with an example. This time, we’ll use the latest Brother multifunction printer products designed for home use.

Brother InkTank Printers for Home Use

For the latest multifunction printers featuring Brother InkTank technology, three models suitable for home use are the DCP-T220, DCP-T420W, and DCP-T520W.

All three of them offer printing, scanning, and copying capabilities. Their prices vary from the least expensive to the most expensive. These two factors are likely to cause confusion, making it difficult to decide which model to buy.

However, if we delve into the features offered by these three models, we should be able to identify the differences between them. This will help determine which one best suits your needs.

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