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Samsung Unveils Screen Hide Feature in OneUI 6



Samsung Unveils Screen Hide Feature in OneUI 6

Samsung is set to introduce an exciting new feature called “Samsung Screen Hide” in their upcoming user interface, OneUI 6 and later versions.

This innovative feature enables the device’s screen to enter a power-saving mode while foreground applications continue running. Its interface closely resembles the always-on display, giving users the flexibility to turn off the screen while keeping their chosen apps active.

For instance, consider a user streaming a video podcast on YouTube. With the Screen Hide feature, they can easily turn off the screen if they only wish to listen to the audio. Previously, this convenience was limited to YouTube Premium subscribers.

One of the primary advantages of this feature is its potential to reduce power consumption and maintain an optimal screen temperature since the screen remains unlit.

How to Activate the Screen Hide Feature

To enable this feature, users must download the “Good Guardians” app from the Galaxy Store and access “Battery Guardian.” Afterward, they can add the Screen Hide option to their Quick Settings panel, simplifying the process of screen deactivation.

It’s worth noting that, for now, this feature is exclusively available in the Beta version of OneUI. As Samsung has not officially released OneUI 6 yet, it’s likely that the feature will become more user-friendly upon the official interface launch.

Once activated, the screen remains in power-saving mode and displays brief information about active applications. Users can turn off the screen with a simple double-tap or by pressing the power button.

Beyond power conservation, the Screen Hide feature enhances user privacy by allowing them to hide a portion of the screen, ensuring the confidentiality of their content without the need for additional tools like privacy filters.