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Samsung Introduces Samsung Food: An AI-Powered Culinary Platform



Samsung Introduces Samsung Food: An AI-Powered Culinary Platform

During IFA Berlin 2023, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. took the wraps off its latest creation, Samsung Food—a cutting-edge culinary platform that caters to the world’s food enthusiasts. Operated by AI technology, Samsung Food has made its debut in 104 countries, supporting eight languages and serving as a global “foodie” companion.

This innovative platform offers a treasure trove of over 160,000 recipes designed to act as a personal kitchen assistant, guiding users through the process of crafting new culinary delights, tailoring meals to their preferences, and facilitating convenient online grocery shopping.

Samsung Food Dirilis, Platform Masak dan Resep Berbasis AI

Within the Samsung Food app, users gain control over their cooking appliances, access comprehensive cooking guides, and have the ability to share their beloved recipes with their social media networks.

Samsung Food unfolds its culinary charm through four primary features: recipe discovery and personalization, customized meal planning, seamless connected cooking, and effortless social sharing.

Enthusiastic users can curate a digital recipe collection, safeguarding their favorite culinary inspirations for on-the-fly access, with the added convenience of recipe analysis, standardization, and automatic shopping list generation based on ingredients.

This dynamic culinary companion isn’t confined to smartphones alone; it extends its reach to Samsung’s Bespoke Family Hub™ refrigerators. Through the “Personalize Recipe” function, users can effortlessly adapt stored recipes to align with specific dietary needs, whether it’s a vegan twist or a vegetarian spin.

Harnessing the power of AI, Samsung Food goes the extra mile by helping users devise daily meal plans rooted in dietary preferences, favorite cuisines, and individual user data. It’s a virtual sous chef, simplifying cooking processes, setting timers, preheating ovens, and seamlessly transmitting cooking instructions to Samsung’s suite of kitchen appliances.

Samsung Food is more than a culinary guide; it’s a delightful companion for those on a gastronomic adventure, enriching the kitchen experience with the latest in AI technology and global culinary expertise.

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