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Samsung Introduces Galaxy AI, Featuring Real-Time Phone Calls Translation



Samsung Galaxy AI phone call translation
Photo by Samsung

Samsung has unveiled a new AI-powered feature called Galaxy AI, which includes a groundbreaking capability to translate phone calls in real time. This innovative feature, known as AI Live Translate Call, aims to eliminate language barriers by enabling seamless conversations between individuals speaking different languages.

AI Live Translate Call utilizes Samsung’s on-device AI capabilities to transcribe the speech of both parties engaged in the phone call. The transcribed speech is then translated into the desired language and spoken back to the user, facilitating a natural and uninterrupted dialogue. This remarkable feature can translate between over 30 languages, including widely spoken languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

Currently, AI Live Translate Call is available as a beta feature, accessible only on select Samsung Galaxy devices. However, Samsung intends to expand the feature’s availability to a broader range of devices in the near future.

Benefits of AI Live Translate Call:

  • Bridging Language Barriers: AI Live Translate Call empowers users to communicate effectively with individuals who speak different languages, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

  • Misunderstanding Prevention: By translating conversations in real time, AI Live Translate Call helps to prevent misunderstandings that may arise due to language differences.

  • Language Learning Enhancement: AI Live Translate Call can serve as a valuable tool for language learning, providing context-rich exposure to different languages and enhancing vocabulary acquisition.

Samsung’s introduction of AI Live Translate Call marks a significant step forward in enhancing communication accessibility and fostering global connectivity. By bridging language divides and facilitating seamless conversations, AI Live Translate Call has the potential to revolutionize the way we connect with people across the world.