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Presenting the Leica Sofort 2: An Affordable Hybrid Instant Camera



Presenting the Leica Sofort 2: An Affordable Hybrid Instant Camera

After a seven-year interval since the debut of its predecessor, Leica has officially launched the Sofort 2, a noteworthy addition to its camera offerings. The Leica Sofort 2 stands out as a hybrid instant camera that comes with an enticing price tag, making it accessible to photography enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Priced at just $389, it’s an attractive option, particularly when considering Leica’s reputation for premium photography equipment.

As reported by Notebookcheck, the Sofort 2 boasts an elegant and minimalist design, embodying both functionality and sophistication. Beyond its role as a digital camera, it comes equipped with a built-in printer for instant photo output—a feature reminiscent of the widely popular Fuji Instax Mini series.

Underneath its stylish exterior, the Sofort 2 packs a 5 MP 1/5-inch CMOS sensor, positioned behind a 28 mm f/2 Summar lens with a macro focus distance of 10 cm. On its rear body, you’ll find a 3-inch LED screen that enhances the user experience. Storage options are flexible, thanks to its 45-image internal memory and a MicroSD card slot. Additionally, the camera offers built-in filters that empower users to experiment with fisheye, macro, and double exposure effects, unleashing their creative potential.

One standout feature of the Sofort 2 is its dual shutter button setup, enabling users to seamlessly switch between portrait and landscape orientations when capturing moments. Moreover, the built-in printer is easily accessible through the Leica FOTOS app, allowing for smartphone-based photo printing—an added convenience for users.

Beginning November 9, 2023, the Leica Sofort 2 will be available for purchase at a price of $389 in Leica stores. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or an enthusiast looking to immortalize memories, this camera offers an appealing blend of affordability and quality that’s hard to resist.

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