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One UI 6.0 Beta and Android 14: Supported Devices Announced

Samsung is on the brink of launching the highly anticipated Android 14 and One UI 6.0 updates for select Galaxy smartphones and tablets across the global landscape.

In keeping with Samsung’s customary practice for major Android OS and One UI updates, the company is extending an open invitation to users to participate in the Android 14 and One UI 6.0 beta program.

At the forefront of this beta rollout stand the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra models, which have already begun receiving the One UI 6.0 beta. Eager users have wasted no time in immersing themselves in this beta version.

However, Samsung has yet to officially unveil the complete lineup of devices eligible for the One UI 6.0 beta. Nevertheless, reports from Sammobile suggest a selection of devices that are strong candidates to receive the One UI 6.0 Beta, built on the Android 14 foundation.

Here’s the preliminary list of supported devices:

1. Galaxy S Series: Encompassing Galaxy S23, S22, and S21.
2. Galaxy Z Series: Covering Z Fold 5, Z Fold 4, Z Fold 3, Z Flip 5, Z Flip 4, and Z Flip 3.
3. Galaxy A and M Series: Including A54, A53, A34, M54, and M53.

It’s important to underscore that this list remains speculative at this juncture. However, it is highly likely that flagship Galaxy S and Z Series devices will be among the first in line for this update. As for the mid-range A and M Series, their inclusion in the One UI 6.0 Beta remains uncertain.

For users contemplating the installation of the One UI 6.0 beta, it’s crucial to remember that this is not the stable release. Consequently, encountering some bugs and glitches should be expected. Nevertheless, for those with an appetite for exploring new features and a tolerance for potential hiccups, this beta version offers an exciting sneak peek into Samsung’s forthcoming software offerings.



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