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Nokia’s Latest Offering: Industrial-Grade Smartphone with 5G Support



Nokia's Latest Offering: Industrial-Grade Smartphone with 5G Support

Nokia has just made waves in the tech industry with the launch of its new smartphone designed exclusively for the demanding needs of industrial workers operating in extreme environments. This cutting-edge device is engineered for top-tier durability and toughness, catering to a highly specialized user base.

Comprising the Nokia HHRA501x and Nokia IS540.1, these rugged devices are the result of a collaboration between Nokia and MOBILE GmbH. It’s important to note that these smartphones are not intended for the general consumer market, signifying their niche focus.

Nokia envisions these devices finding their place in enterprise and heavy industrial sectors, where they provide crucial support for public safety teams communicating over Band 68 frequencies. Alongside their specialized functionality, they come equipped with standard smartphone features such as Dual SIM capability, support for eSIM, and an impressive IP68 rating, ensuring resistance to dust and water.

The Nokia HHRA501x and Nokia IS540.1 are integral components of Nokia’s holistic solution for private wireless infrastructure. These devices have undergone rigorous testing and certification to meet the connectivity demands of hazardous industries like oil and gas, mining, and chemicals. In addition to their ruggedness, they offer extensive connectivity options to enhance communication efficiency.

Under the hood, both smartphones are powered by the Qualcomm QCM6490 processor, more commonly found in IoT (Internet of Things) devices than in traditional smartphones. With a 6-inch display featuring Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, and a robust 4400mAh battery, they are well-equipped for demanding tasks.

As these devices are tailored for a specific industrial audience, Nokia has refrained from disclosing pricing details, leaving industry insiders eager to learn more.