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No Apple Watch Ultra 3 Expected for Next Year



No Apple Watch Ultra 3 Expected for Next Year

Last month, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra 2, a year after the release of its predecessor, the original Ultra. Given this pattern, you might have anticipated the unveiling of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 alongside the iPhone 16 generation in September 2024.

However, this assumption may not hold true. Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple supply chain analyst, has recently revealed that the company has not yet commenced work on the next Apple Watch Ultra, and this is concerning news.

Kuo finds this situation “unusual” given the typically lengthy development cycle. It seems that by this time last year, work on the Ultra 2 was already underway. According to Kuo, if Apple does not begin developing the Ultra 3 by December, it is “almost confirmed” that we won’t see a new Apple Watch Ultra in 2024.

Kuo speculates that this delay may be due to Apple requiring more time to develop “innovative health management features,” ensure the “manufacturability of new features,” and address issues related to Micro LED production.

Should the Ultra 3 not make its debut in 2024, it is expected that shipments of the Ultra series will decrease by around 20-30% compared to 2023, and total Apple Watch shipments will decline by approximately 10% next year compared to the current year, resulting in a total of about 35 million units.

It’s important to note that this information is largely speculative, even though it comes from a reputable source. Apple still has a month or so to initiate development of the next Ultra to meet the usual release timeline, so there is still a possibility, although it’s not guaranteed.