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Netflix Releases Gaming Controller App on the App Store, What’s It For?

Netflix, the paid streaming platform, has launched a new app called the Gaming Controller on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS devices. As the name suggests, it’s a digital controller app that is strongly suspected to be used for playing Netflix games on a TV.

In 2021, Netflix began introducing games for their mobile app. Initially, the game collection was relatively small, but over time, the number of game titles available for Netflix customers to play has grown to over 50.

Recently, it was reported that Netflix plans to bring this game collection to TVs. Although it’s not yet known when these TV games will be released, it seems to be getting closer with Netflix introducing the new Gaming Controller app.

The idea is quite unique, where users will be able to use their smartphones or tablets as controllers while playing games on their TV. The Gaming Controller app itself has a layout with a navigation stick on the left side and A-B-X-Y buttons on the right, along with Netflix and menu buttons in the middle.

Since the Netflix games for TV have not been released yet, this app cannot be used for anything at the moment. Additionally, it’s unclear whether Netflix’s Gaming Controller will also be available on Android devices.

Requires a TV with Adequate Processing Power

Although Netflix’s games are considered lightweight and casual, a TV with an adequate processor will be necessary to play them smoothly, including attention to RAM capacity. It’s likely that Netflix will provide minimum specifications for TVs to be able to play games on their platform.

However, this could be different if Netflix adopts a cloud-based system for their TV games. In that case, the TV’s workload would be limited to streaming from the server alone. For more details on this, we’ll have to wait for further information.



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