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Japan Unveils Gundam-Inspired Robot with a $3 Million Price Tag



Japan Unveils Gundam-Inspired Robot with a $3 Million Price Tag

In the heart of Tokyo, Japan, a forward-thinking startup known as Tsubame Industries has embarked on the creation of a groundbreaking robot that’s poised to capture the world’s imagination. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Japanese anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam, the company proudly presents ARCHAX, a name inspired by the Archaeopteryx, a prehistoric flying dinosaur.

ARCHAX is a marvel of engineering, featuring a cockpit nestled within its chest, complete with essential control interfaces—a joystick and pedals. Furthermore, an onboard monitor allows real-time viewing through external cameras. Notably, ARCHAX isn’t confined to cockpit control; it can also be operated remotely. Its mobility is enhanced by four sturdy wheels.

Standing at an impressive height of 4.5 meters and weighing a substantial 3.5 tons, ARCHAX offers versatility through its dual modes—a robot mode and a vehicle mode. In vehicle mode, it can reach speeds of up to 10 kilometers per hour, making it adaptable for various applications.

Tsubame Industries envisions ARCHAX’s potential in both space exploration endeavors and disaster relief operations on Japanese soil.

As anticipation for this remarkable creation continues to mount, Tsubame Industries plans to introduce ARCHAX to the public at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, scheduled for October 26, 2023, in Tokyo’s bustling metropolis.

However, exclusivity will be a defining characteristic of ARCHAX’s initial release, with only five units available for purchase. The estimated price for each unit is expected to soar to an impressive $3 million, making it a coveted symbol of cutting-edge technological innovation for enthusiasts, collectors, and industry pioneers alike.



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