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Japan to Release Pokémon-Themed TV Drama – Fill Your Pockets with Adventure


The undeniable popularity of Pokémon as a franchise is a well-established fact. It’s not just about the consistently successful video game versions that generate fantastic revenues on various Nintendo-exclusive platforms, but also the ease with which it sells a wide range of merchandise worldwide, amounting to billions of USD in transactions. From its anime presence to the live-action film like Detective Pikachu, Pokémon is now venturing into uncharted territory – a Japanese television drama!

TV Tokyo has officially announced a Pokémon-themed television drama titled “Fill Your Pockets with Adventure.” Unlike Detective Pikachu, which offered the Pokémon world itself, “Fill Your Pockets with Adventure” is solely a TV drama centered around the action of playing Pokémon games. The story revolves around a young woman named Madoka Agaki (Nanase Nishino) who receives a package containing Pokémon Red from her mother. As anticipated, amidst the stress and busyness of life, the game gradually helps her realize the most important aspects of life.

TV Tokyo is boldly defining this as the first-ever “Pokémon Human Drama” film, where characters grow through their experiences of playing Pokémon. The first episode is set to air on October 19, 2023, and will be available every Thursday. There is currently no information on whether it will be accessible in other regions or not.



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