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iOS 17 Brings Battery Cycle Transparency to iPhone 15

Apple’s recent unveiling of the iPhone 15 Series marked the arrival of several groundbreaking features, some of which were entirely novel. Among these innovations, there’s a noteworthy addition in the domain of battery management.

With iOS 17, custom-tailored for the iPhone 15 Series, users can now gain intricate insights into the battery cycles of their devices. Accessing this wealth of information is straightforward; it can be found within the Battery section under Settings > General > About.

In addition to battery cycle data, users can also uncover details about the battery’s manufacturing date and its initial usage date. Battery cycles are logged each time a user consumes the battery’s full capacity. While this doesn’t directly affect the battery’s health, it equips users with precise knowledge about the battery’s lifespan and wear and tear levels. The days of relying on third-party applications like CoconutBattery, typically used on Macs, for this information are now a thing of the past.

Introducing a Fresh Charging Mode for iPhone 15

Complementing these enhancements is a novel charging mode for iPhone 15 owners, designed to prevent the device from exceeding an 80% charge. This deliberate limitation is intended to curb the rapid accumulation of battery cycles.

Unfortunately, these two groundbreaking features are exclusively available to iPhone 15 users. Even with the iOS 17 update, owners of earlier iPhone models won’t have access to these advancements.





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