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iOS 17.0.3 Update: A Solution to iPhone 15 Pro Overheating?

Apple’s iPhone 15 series made waves, particularly the premium titanium-clad iPhone 15 Pro. However, a growing number of users have voiced concerns about their iPhone 15 Pro devices overheating without any apparent reason.

In response to these reports, Apple swiftly introduced the iOS 17.0.3 update, aimed at mitigating the overheating issues. To gauge the effectiveness of this update, ZDNet conducted temperature tests on the iPhone 15 Pro, both before and after the installation of iOS 17.0.3.

Before the update, the iPhone 15 Pro’s temperature had reached a worrisome 107.1 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 41 degrees Celsius, a temperature level considered unusually high for a smartphone. Post iOS 17.0.3 update, the temperature did not exceed 93.8 degrees Fahrenheit, or approximately 34 degrees Celsius, indicating a noticeable reduction in overheating problems.

However, there are conflicting reports suggesting that the iOS 17.0.3 update may not have completely resolved the overheating issues. A YouTuber’s test showed minimal temperature changes before and after the update.

Looking ahead, Apple is actively testing the iOS 17.1 update, with hopes of delivering consistent improvements for all iPhone 15 Pro users, addressing lingering overheating concerns, and potentially enhancing overall performance.



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