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Infinix Unveils Innovative Design Concept: 3D Lighting Leather

Infinix is currently in the process of introducing a rather captivating innovation, primarily in the realm of design, which they have dubbed “3D Lighting Leather” technology.

This groundbreaking concept melds TPU material with genuine leather, incorporating a series of vibrant LED lights within its structure. The intended application for this innovation is as a distinctive back cover for devices.

The development of this technological marvel involves a meticulous arrangement of four distinct layers and structures. It commences with the foundational layer, featuring a Light Guide Film, which houses the embedded LED lights. This is followed by the application of a lightproof coating to enhance the transmission of light.

The subsequent layer utilizes transparent fiberglass material, facilitating the emission of light from the embedded LED lights. Finally, the topmost layer comprises transparent leather material, enabling the passage of light.

Infinix’s vision for this innovation extends beyond aesthetics. They plan to integrate this technology with synchronized sound effects and the ability to display a spectrum of colors for notifications originating from various applications.

The debut of Infinix’s 3D Lighting Leather technology is scheduled to take place with the release of the Infinix Note 30 VIP special edition, expected to hit the market by month’s end.



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