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Game “Naughty” ILLGAMES – HoneyCome Coming to Steam, Uncensored!



Game "Naughty" ILLGAMES - HoneyCome Coming to Steam, Uncensored!

Those of you who have been following the world of “naughty” adult-themed games are likely familiar with the situation surrounding a legendary developer – ILLUSION. After a long history spanning decades, this Japanese developer of “naughty” games closed down for reasons that were unclear. However, instead of fading into oblivion, they have risen again under a new name – ILLGAMES, which interestingly includes former employees from their previous venture. Notably, they wasted no time in announcing their debut game project – HoneyCome.

Coming with a strong anime aesthetic, ILLGAMES’ initial announcement seemed to suggest that the product would be exclusive to the Japanese market. The “good news”? That’s not the case. ILLGAMES has confirmed that HoneyCome will also be available in the global market via Steam, with a release date just a few days apart.

This means that it will also support the English language. What’s even crazier? This super explicit content game is confirmed to be available on Steam without any censorship, as they proudly showcased with highly suggestive content that you can already enjoy on the available Store page.

The global Steam version of HoneyCome will be available on September 7, 2023, with a yet-to-be-announced price. However, for those of you who are interested, you can already add it to your wishlist. How about you? How much are you willing to spend to get this game on Steam?

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