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Google to Discontinue Basic HTML View in Gmail: Impact on Users



Google to Discontinue Basic HTML View in Gmail: Impact on Users

Google has made an announcement that might affect users with slower internet connections. They are set to discontinue the Basic HTML View in Gmail. According to a post shared by Google Support, users will have the option to use Basic HTML View in Gmail until January 2024, after which they will be automatically redirected to the Standard View.

Basic HTML View: Designed for Slow Connections

Originally, Basic HTML View in Gmail was designed to cater to users dealing with slow internet connections or device performance issues. This version of Gmail offered fewer features compared to the Standard View, omitting elements like Spell Checker, Chat, Custom Address, Rich Formatting, Special Keyboard Shortcuts, and more. The question arises as to whether Google will introduce an alternative feature to replace Basic HTML View.

The Reasoning Behind the Decision


As of now, Google hasn’t provided a clear explanation for discontinuing Basic HTML View. There may still be users who rely on this feature, especially in regions with slower internet speeds or during special circumstances such as natural disasters.

It’s worth noting that Google has recently phased out various programs and services, including the Pixel Pass Phone Upgrade Program, Google Currents, and Nest Secure.

Google’s Focus on Advanced Features and AI Integration

Presently, Google is actively integrating advanced features into its products, with a particular emphasis on harnessing artificial intelligence. For instance, they introduced Duet AI last month, a feature aimed at assisting users in composing emails.

Additionally, just last week, Google announced that their chatbot service, Bard, can now seamlessly integrate with users’ Google accounts.

While the discontinuation of Basic HTML View may inconvenience some users, Google’s broader strategy seems centered around integrating cutting-edge technology and AI-driven features into its products and services.