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Unveiling Google Pixel 8 Series: Price and Specifications Leaked



Unveiling Google Pixel 8 Series: Price and Specifications Leaked

Google is poised to launch its latest smartphone series, the Pixel 8, on October 4th. This upcoming series, following the successful Pixel 7 line, comprises two models: the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

According to a tweet by Kamila Wojciechowska, the regular version of this smartphone is expected to be priced at $699, representing a $100 increase from its predecessor, the Pixel 7 regular. In contrast, Google has kept the price of the Pro version consistent with the previous iteration, the Pixel 7 Pro, at $899.

It’s worth noting that pricing differs in the UK market. In the United Kingdom, where Google is renowned for its search engine, the Pixel 8 series starts at £699 for the regular model and rises to £999 for the Pro version.

Specifications of the Google Pixel 8 Series

Several noteworthy changes distinguish the Pixel 8 series from its predecessor, particularly in terms of internals and the display. Both iterations of these smartphones will feature an LTPO OLED screen capable of adjusting the screen’s refresh rate based on the running applications.

While the previous Pixel 7 regular version supported a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz, the Pixel 8 can seamlessly switch between 60Hz and an impressive 120Hz. Meanwhile, the Pro series takes it a step further, with the screen refresh rate capable of dropping as low as 1Hz, delivering exceptional flexibility.

This year, the Pixel series is powered by the Google Tensor G3 processor, expected to deliver even better performance than the previous Google Tensor G2.

In the RAM department, Google has chosen to maintain 8GB for the regular Pixel 8 variant, while opting for a substantial 12GB for the Pixel 8 Pro variant, ensuring robust multitasking capabilities.

Lastly, although there haven’t been significant enhancements in the camera specifications, the Pixel 8 Pro version distinguishes itself with a noteworthy change. The ultrawide camera, previously sporting a 12MP resolution, now boasts an impressive 48MP resolution. This upgrade is anticipated to result in significantly improved photo quality compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro.

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