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Google Brings Autofill Support to iOS



Google Brings Autofill Support to iOS

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Google has unveiled three new features for both iOS and Android platforms, with Autofill password support being one of the highlights. While Android users may already be accustomed to this functionality, it’s a recent addition for those using Google accounts on iOS.

iPhones and iPads have long had Google Password Manager integrated into the Google search engine, allowing users to access their saved account information. Now, Google has enhanced this by introducing Autofill Passwords support. This means iOS users no longer have to bother with manually entering their stored account passwords, as Google Password Manager takes care of it seamlessly.

Notably, this feature has been available in the Google Chrome app, but it has been missing from Safari. Consequently, this update primarily benefits iOS users who prefer Safari and are part of the Google ecosystem.

Using this feature is straightforward. Users can access it by opening the Settings app, navigating to “Passwords,” selecting Password Options, and opting for “Google” from the list below the default “iCloud Passwords & Keychain” option. To access this feature, it’s crucial for users to update their app through the App Store.

Meanwhile, on the Android platform, a new security-related feature simplifies the process of deleting browser history data through an additional menu marked with a three-dot icon. This improvement ensures that users no longer need to search for the “Clear Browsing Data” function, which was previously tucked away deep within the Settings menu.

In summary, these Google updates are aimed at enhancing the user experience on iOS and Android, offering more convenience and security features to cater to their diverse user base.