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Finally, Lenovo Officially Announces LEGION GO!



If you’ve been following the news related to handheld PCs for at least the past week, then you probably won’t have missed the name LEGION GO. It’s touted as the latest handheld PC product from Lenovo that aims to enter the still wide-open popular market. What’s even more interesting? Despite the fact that they haven’t made an official announcement yet, almost all information about LEGION GO has already spread across the internet through claimed legitimate leaks. The good news? The wait for that official information has finally paid off.

In a 2-minute trailer, Lenovo has finally introduced and showcased the allure of LEGION GO officially. Confirming various rumors that had circulated earlier, it comes with a larger screen, an AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, detachable controllers similar to the Nintendo Switch, Windows support as the operating system, memory card support, and an effective yet silent cooling fan. What’s even more interesting? The sales package will also include a Controller Base that can be attached and optimized for FPS games when the controller is detached.

As predicted, the ambition of LEGION GO is undoubtedly clear – to ensure that you can play your games anywhere and anytime you want. There is no information yet about the release date and pricing. What do you think? Does it look enticing to you?

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