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Exciting Debut of V Purse Set for September 19 in China

Honor made waves by unveiling the V Purse concept at IFA in Berlin just two weeks ago. At the time, many wondered if this outward-folding smartphone, designed to be worn like a purse, would ever become a reality. Now, we have the answer.

Renowned Chinese actor Yang Yang recently showcased the device, confirming its official launch date. He extended a warm invitation to all to join a captivating fashion show on September 19 in Shanghai, where Honor will proudly introduce the V Purse to its home audience.

While the official announcements and social media teasers have primarily focused on the event and its presentation, detailed specifications remain shrouded in mystery. This strategy aligns with the target audience’s anticipation and curiosity. With just eight days until the big reveal, we can anticipate an influx of information about the V Purse as it makes the transition from a concept to a commercially available smartphone.

Those fortunate enough to attend the IFA event in Berlin already had a glimpse, albeit hands-off, of the Honor V Purse. The concept bears a striking resemblance to the Huawei Mate Xs 2, featuring a wraparound display, integrated cameras, and a convenient click-to-unfold mechanism. Additionally, a stylish case was showcased, accentuating its resemblance to a trendy clutch bag.

Previously, Honor hinted at the possibility of launching the phone in China by year-end, but it now seems they might be ahead of schedule. While an international release remains uncertain, anticipation continues to build for this innovative creation.



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