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Chromebook Users Can Enjoy a 3-Month Free Trial of GeForce Now!



Chromebook Users Can Enjoy a 3-Month Free Trial of GeForce Now!

Cloud gaming services have been gaining popularity lately, from Nvidia GeForce Now to Xbox Pass, and even Netflix has started offering cloud gaming services. Recently, Google was rumored to have canceled its Chromebook project with NVIDIA graphics cards, speculating that Google was more inclined to promote the cloud gaming experience on Chromebook devices.

Indeed, Google has recently announced some exciting news for Chromebook users, in collaboration with Nvidia. They can now access the Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud Gaming service for free, with no additional conditions attached.

Through this move, it appears that Google aims to demonstrate that Chromebooks have become more powerful and versatile, suitable for various scenarios, including gaming, compared to their initial introduction.

Yes, we are aware that Chromebooks were initially introduced as essential laptops primarily for tasks like typing, browsing, and other lightweight activities.

This trial is available to users who own Chromebook devices released in 2017 or later. What’s more, eligible users will receive three months of free access to GeForce Now.

Interestingly, users do not need to provide credit card information when activating the trial. This means they don’t have to worry about their subscription being automatically renewed after the trial period ends. It’s entirely up to the users whether they want to continue or end their GeForce Now service.

Not only does Nvidia offer the GeForce Now service, but they also provide various trial offers for other applications that can be useful for Chromebook users. You can check these out on the Google Chromebook Perks page.