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Apple’s iCloud+ Storage Expansion: 12 TB Plans Revealed



Apple's iCloud+ Storage Expansion: 12 TB Plans Revealed

At Apple’s recent “Wonderlust” event, which coincided with the launch of the iPhone 15 Series, the company made a significant announcement regarding iCloud+ storage. This update ushers in a range of expanded storage choices, now reaching a remarkable 12 TB.

Within this revamped iCloud+ storage landscape, two new tiers have emerged: a 6 TB plan and a 12 TB plan, priced at US$30 and US$60 per month, respectively. These additions complement the existing selection of plans, which already included 50 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB options. This expansion offers users greater flexibility in catering to their diverse data storage requirements.

The introduction of these high-capacity iCloud+ plans will be particularly appealing to individuals who rely heavily on iCloud+ for safeguarding substantial files. Apple’s primary target audience for these expanded storage tiers comprises professionals like photographers and filmmakers, who often need ample space to secure their creative assets.

For users eager to embrace these enhanced iCloud+ capacity options, the good news is that these plans are slated to become available to all Apple customers starting next week. This expansion promises to eliminate any storage constraints and ensures users have a secure and roomy platform for preserving their digital content and data.