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Apple’s Innovative Stackable MagSafe Power Bank

Apple has a significant event, “Wonderlust,” scheduled for September 12, 2023, and the focus is on unveiling an array of new devices, particularly the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Series. However, amid the buzz surrounding these new smartphones, Apple might have an unexpected surprise up its sleeve—a MagSafe wireless power bank with a unique feature: stackability.

The revelation comes from Mark Gurman, a trusted source from Bloomberg, who discussed these exciting developments in a recent podcast with MacRumors. Gurman revealed that Apple is making a noteworthy shift in its accessory lineup, transitioning from the familiar Lightning ports to the more versatile USB-C connectors. This change will affect a wide range of devices, from AirPods to the MagSafe power bank.

Speaking specifically about the MagSafe ecosystem, Gurman hinted at the introduction of a brand-new MagSafe Duo power bank model featuring a USB-C port. However, what’s truly captivating is Apple’s exploration of a stackable MagSafe power bank.

This innovative concept empowers users to stack multiple wireless power banks, enabling the simultaneous charging of two iPhones—one on each side. Naturally, this next-generation MagSafe accessory will be equipped with USB-C ports, ensuring seamless compatibility with modern devices.

Despite these intriguing revelations, Mark Gurman remains somewhat uncertain about whether Apple will officially unveil this unique MagSafe power bank on September 12. As a result, there’s an air of anticipation and a touch of uncertainty surrounding this potentially game-changing innovation.



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