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Alexa Guard Retires, Paving the Way for Alexa Emergency Assist



Alexa Guard Retires, Paving the Way for Alexa Emergency Assist

Amazon has introduced a novel service tailored for Amazon Echo devices, known as Alexa Emergency Assist, signaling the gradual departure of the Alexa Guard feature. This new service is designed to empower users to fortify the security of their homes using the Echo devices they rely on.

Formerly, with Alexa Guard in place, users received timely notifications should any suspicious activities unfold within their home environments. Its mechanism revolved around actively monitoring the surroundings through Amazon Echo devices and subsequently disseminating alerts to the users’ connected devices.

Now, in a strategic shift, Amazon has discontinued the Alexa Guard service, making room for Alexa Emergency Assist. While some remnants of Alexa Guard’s functionality linger on Amazon Echo devices, specific capabilities such as smoke detection and intrusion alarms have been transitioned exclusively to Alexa Emergency Assist. This means that users must subscribe to this service to access and benefit from these advanced security features.

However, the transition brings a silver lining. Alexa Emergency Assist introduces a more comprehensive array of security functionalities. Notably, this cutting-edge security service is equipped to initiate calls to emergency numbers in critical situations where immediate assistance is required at home, spanning medical emergencies, police intervention, and fire-related contingencies.

For those eager to secure the advantages of Amazon’s Emergency Assist, a subscription can be obtained at a cost of $6 per month or through an annual plan priced at $59. This special introductory pricing will remain available until January 8th, extending accessibility to all users. Subsequently, non-Prime customers will incur additional fees for the Emergency Assist service.



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